Get Ready to Rumple

Activity is too often confused with success. Rumple is a Media Sales Platform built on simplicty. It asks sales people to focus on one thing, who they asked money from this week and what happened.

The Fundamentals

The Ask

Being busy is not success. Asking for and closing dollars is! Don't worry, it's rumple, we'll show you how.


Rumplified Account Management

Gone are the days of the out of date spreadsheets and unused CRM's. With Rumple, call reluctance and the uncomfortable question of who is calling on what account becomes rumplified.


Powerful One on Ones

It's the reason sales managers LOVE us! Rumple empowers managers to see patterns in advance, saving months and quarters before they're lost..


Stop Guessing Start Rumpling

The Ask

Do you know how to get your sales people to ask for more money each week? Rumple Knows! Nothing predicts future sales success better than focusing on asking for dollars each week. Sales people get lost in believing that being busy is success and that everyone who says "they will think about it” will someday say YES.

Too often sales managers focus only on a sales person's activity, however activity alone never produces new sales. It's only when sales managers makes the "ask" the most important event for that week that sales change dramtically. With an intuitive and SIMPLE design, rumple helps managers check progress without getting in their way. Rumple helps them ask, reset, reload, or move on.

Powerful 1 on 1's

Powerful 1 on 1's, it’s the perfect marriage of technology and management. It’s the reason sales manager’s LOVE us. With Rumple’s Innovative 1 on 1 Prep Sheets and Weekly Digests one on one’s are transformed into effective, engaging meetings.

In just minutes Rumple arms and prepares managers with the ability to review all of the previous week’s asks, closes and review plans for the current week. Most importantly, RUMPLE empowers managers with the ability to see patterns in advance and save months and quarters before they’re lost. Oh, and did we mention it was simple.

Stop Guessing. Start Rumpling

Ultimately, RUMPLE’s power lies in its Simpicity. There is no magic elixir, no 1 day training that can solve every problem, BUT there is RUMPLE and with your sales people facing more demands, more competition, and more distractions than ever. The question isn’t are they ready for RUMPLE, the question is are you ready to let them have it.

One on One Prep Sheet

The One on One prep sheet helps the manager and salesperson focus their weekly meeting on the most important data. It accurately communicates what has been done, where the salesperson is at, what is planned and where help is needed. It shows the "magical" rumple number and identifies whether the salesperson has enough planned to give themselves a shot at hitting their goal. The weekly One on One should be a meaningful meeting where the sales manager can discover exactly where the salesperson is at in a simple but powerful way.


Powerful Because It's Simple.

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  • We are seeing trends before it’s too late and no longer miss-managing the wrong information or gut feelings.

    - Harrison