About Us


Ryan - President

I love Rumple! It’s great to be a part of a company that is always changing and improving to best assist sales people in reaching their goals. The sky is the limit when it comes to Rumple. We are constantly coming up with new ideas and new tools to revolutionize media sales.


Josh - Sales & Marketing

The only thing better than football is Rumple! Rumple simplifies sales in ways you never knew possible. Getting to show people all the amazing things Rumple can do is my favorite way to spend my day!


Matt - Training

After years of doing media sales, I knew there had to be a better way than just a regular CRM. That’s why we came up with Rumple. Rumple helps your sales people implement all the fundamentals of successful media sales and reach heights you never knew were possible!


Kelsey - Quality Assurance

With so many amazing features in Rumple, there’s always testing to be done. I spend my days making sure that everything works exactly as it should. As we’re always adding new functions, there’s never a shortage of things to be checked and improved!


Morgan - Sales Assistant

When you have an amazing product like Rumple, there is never a shortage of amazing customers who want to buy it! I help out with setting customers up on the system once they’re all signed up, to answer any questions they may have.


Scott - Head of Development

It’s so refreshing to work in a fastgrowing tech company with so many fresh new ideas and concepts that have never been implemented before. I work with the development team to make sure everything is functional and useable.


Artak - Back End Developer

Working with Rumple continues to be an amazing experience. Every day we get to develop new tools and reports that have never been thought of. And most importantly, I keep things ridiculously easy to use.


Artur - Web Developer

We know that the most important thing Rumple can do is be constantly available and running smoothly. I work to fix any possible bugs or problems you may run into while using our system. We work hard to keep Rumple accessible and reliable.


Sona - Application Developer

Rumple has so many changing tools and new areas we want to make sure it’s always simple. I help to keep things simple by creating organized pages, tips and tutorials to show you clearly all that Rumple can do. I am constantly working to make things powerful because they’re simple.


Amjad - Attribution Developer

Attribution, Ad Impressions and Media Driven Traffic, are a big part of what we do here at Rumple. Since this is such a crucial tool within our system, I am the developer designated to provide all development support to this area. This makes it so that Attribution can always be high on our priority list.


Zahid - Mobile Developer

At Rumple, we think it’s crucial to have our mobile site work just as well as our desktop site. I do everything possible to make our mobile experience as rumplified as possible. Whenever we add new features to Rumple, I’m the one who makes sure that you can use these on your mobile phone, too.